Seeking a New Voice

Voiceover Talent

As we prepare to record our second season, we’d like to let Emerson retire to his Manchester estate. So, we’re looking for a new “voice of the Hip-Hop Talk Show.”

Feel free to send us a demo of your mic skills—and keep in mind: while it’s nice if you have a “golden” voice, that may not be our deciding factor. You might have a unique voice, you might be able to yell like Lil Jon, or you may sound like a phone-sex operator. Whatever the case, all are welcome to submit a sample of your voiceover chops. If we get a bunch to choose from, we may listen to samples on an upcoming episode and let the listeners chime in on the judging.

The Fine Print

If you’re in the Buffalo, NY area, we can provide recording services, otherwise you’ll need to be able to provide clean recordings.