About the Show

The Hip-Hop Talk Show is a podcast that covers all aspects of hip-hop: the rap music industry; b-boy culture; the mysterious world of DJs; graffiti and other artistic outlets; and more! The show is hosted by Pumice T and co-hosted by DJ Heat, Frank “TMI” Azzarelli, and Jeff Gearhart.
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While every episode is unique, the podcast aims to provide hip-hop news and new music updates.

Your Hosts

Pumice T. Mendola

Pumice T has been listening to—and producing—hip-hop music for almost 30 years. His weekly radio program, “Pumice T and his Famous Hot Nuts,” was a favorite on WBNY in the early 1990s. A graphic artist by day, Pumice also has an ear for sampling and a love for old-school hip-hop, and does all the production and editing for the Hip-Hop Talk Show.
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DJ Heat

Greg (DJ Heat) is one of Buffalo NY’s premiere DJs, and has traveled across the country developing his skills for over a decade. He can be heard on WBLK 93.7FM and at clubs throughout the city of Buffalo.
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Frank “TMI” Azzarelli

Frank loves to talk, and has a story for any occasion. Nicknamed “TMI,” because he has a tendency to go a little too far, but that’s why we love him.
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Jeff Gearhart

Jeff is self-described as “part man, part superhero.” He’s an “every-man” kind of guy—he likes beer, women, and music. Jeff’s aliases are “Geehee,” and “Jim.” No other details are known about him.
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Technical Production Information

Hardware / Software


Episode 19 and newer: Host/co-hosts use Audio-Technica AT2035 microphones with Electro-Voice WSPL-2 windscreens, mounted on Q-Mic QM-50 mic arms. (Side note: if you have an AT2035 or AT2020, don’t bother paying close to $40 for the AT8137 windscreen. The EV WSPL-2 is made for the RE20 or PL33, but fits the Audio-Technica R1 and R7 case styles like a glove, and costs around $15. The EV WSPL-2 is a cheap alternative AT8137 windscreen.) Guests use an MXL 990 (and 991 in the unlikely event we have two guests).

Episodes 1–18: Our microphone selection was neither scientific nor deliberate. Pumice owns all the studio equipment, so he got to use the “best” mic. The other three mics were set up in the studio, and while the guys could sit in any seat, they pretty much adopted their spots in the studio, and therefore their mics.

  • MXL 990 – This large diaphragm mic is extremely inexpensive, and gets very mixed reviews. The 990 was used by Pumice T.
  • Shure SM94 – It’s hard to tell whether this mic is good for announcers, since this is the mic that was used by DJ Heat, who tends to speak at approximately the same volume as a jet engine.
  • Audio-Technica AT4041 – Not exactly a great mic for voiceover work, the AT4041 is probably why Jeff’s voice sounds like he’s the Jolly Green Giant. Maybe we need to turn on the high-pass filter and see if that helps!
  • MXL 991 – Like the AT4041, this is more of an instrument microphone, but it came bundled with the 990 for under $100, so it was practically a free mic.

More Information

If you have any questions about any of the equipment or software used in the production of the Hip-Hop Talk Show, please feel free to send us an email, or leave a message on the Hip-Hop Talk Show Facebook page.

Equipment Endorsements

We welcome the opportunity to test and review new equipment, or product endorsements, and are currently looking for gear sponsorships for microphones and headphones. If you represent a manufacturer or can otherwise provide products for promotional or editorial review purposes, please contact Pumice T.

Radio Syndication

Radio stations may contact Pumice T regarding barter deals for radio syndication. The show is available in 30-minute, 2-hour, and 3-hour versions.